Airtime on The Culture Show

I was invited by the BBCs Culture Show to the V&A museum to review the new furniture exhibition curated by Nick Humphrey. 

"This new gallery, located alongside the Ceramics Study Galleries, presents the Museum’s outstanding collection of British and international furniture from the 15th century to the present day. It focuses on questions of form, function, and techniques of construction and decoration in the creation of furniture for over six hundred years"  _ V&A Museum

The Culture Show:

"December sees the opening of the new furniture Galleries at the V&A, which tell the story of how British and European furniture has been made and decorated for over 600 years. Along with some of Britain’s brightest and best new furniture designers, Tom Dyckoff picks some of his favourites amongst the 200 pieces on display."

It was aired on Wednesday but you can see the episode on iplayer:

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