Design Museum Holon

 - FUTURE GATHERING  From Domestic Craft to Contemporary Process

July 03 / October 25, 2014

The first prototype for Felt Up chair has been chosen for the Future Gathering exhibition in the Design museum Holon, Tel Aviv.

Curated by internationally renowned trend-forecaster and curator Li Edelkoort.

"In this exhibition, Edelkoort, renowned for her visionary eye, brings together contemporary design themes that reflect traditional domestic crafts in an attempt to remain connected to authenticity: pleating, draping, layering, ribboning, smocking, wrapping, folding, needleworking, felting, knitting, quilting and baking. However, the designers in GATHERING apply new technologies and techniques to completely transform their actions. Their interventions celebrate the possibilities that lie in front of us, ever more creative than in the recent past. These designers use three-­dimensional craftsmanship, which reinvigorates design, lending body and beauty to archetypical chairs or giving form and volume to lighting structures."

Galit Gaon, Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon, comments: “GATHERING reinstitutes the economic, environmental, and social responsibilities of artisans and designers. Within this gesture, curators Li Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano expertly expand the current discourse about our future, examining the movement of contemporary design, its processing methods and the ways in which materials are used to create the new. As a museum for the 21st century, we strive to present a broad and fascinating gaze into design, spanning research processes, creative objects and theoretical issues.”

Product Launch

Stitched urn is a vessel which came from the visual and haptic exploration into the perversion of materials. The urn is formed from two cut sheets of foam stitched at the seams and stuffed, creating a soft and fleshy vessel. The tactile nature of the foam is captured through the process of slipcasting; the structure is crystallised and sets the object with sense of permanency. The urn holds a balance of senses somewhere between hard, soft, durable and fragile. 

They come in two sizes:

H320 x W130 x D95

H375 x W175 x D75

Please email for enquiries.

More pictures coming soon!


Made by Works & Christie’s

The Works Collective have been busy creating a display for Chrisite’s window in South Kensington entitled  20 LIONS –  Made by WORKSThis installation embodies our collective’s philosophy of individuality and equality.  Each member will create a preparatory sketch and a sculpture of a lion in our chosen medium – resulting in a series of highly unique, yet cohesive objects. Each Lion will be signed and share pride of place in the installation which will run during London Design Festival. We will hold an auction of the ‘secret’ lions and preparatory sketches at the end of the festival.

The window is ready to view on Monday - come and pick up a catalogue and pick your favourite.

85 Old Brompton Road
London SW7 3LD


Look out for my work at the William Benington Gallery, which will be running throughout London Design Week. 

William Benington Gallery presents:

Furniture Forward

5 September - 5 October

We are proud to present a group show of our favourite emerging British designers. For Furniture Forward we have selected Artist/Designers who pay tribute to the history of furniture design, whether in their technique or their material selection, but who are also challenging preconceived notions of how furniture should be constructed and presented.


Alex Chinneck

Charlotte Kingsnorth

Fred Rigby

Michael Carroll


20 Arlington Way





This years London Design Festival will be a first for Made by Works, our collective of recent Royal College of Art graduates.

For the 2013 London Design Festival the WORKS collective is focusing on one of the original motivators for design - the effortless connection between the maker, the product and the user.
We are going to present highly creative and unique works, in a shop context.
WORKS products will range from furniture, glassware, ceramics, lighting and limited edition prints. Our aim is to create an approachable and affordable outlet, where our work will be available to a wide audience.

17 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2013






Clerkenwell Gallery 



Hope to see you there..


As part of The Works Collective I showed my work at Ventura Lambrate, Milan, for the Milan Furniture Fair. It was an exciting week, with thousands of visitors each day.

About Works:

'Works' is an interdisciplinary group of young creatives based in London, UK. The works range from contemporary furniture, to interactive installations, to more narrative-based pieces; all aiming to challenge the perception of design and provoke a change that would fundamentally shape our future world. This collective is an assembly of graduates of the Royal College of Art from various departments that pursue the development and promotion of individual work yet on a cross fertilizing platform.


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Slashed collection is currently being exhibited at Interiors UK with the wonderful people at Designersblock.


Triennale Design Museum - Milano


The only existing At One sofa has kindly been lent by its owner to the  Triennale Design Museum in Milan for their new exhibition Kama. Look out for one of my Hybreed chairs too…

Sex and Design
5 December 2012 - 10 March 2013
Triennale di Milano 

Triennale Design Museum presents KAMA. Sex and Design, a great exhibition about the relationship between eros and design. The title refers to the Hindu God of sexual pleasure, human love and desire. KAMA tries to deal with one of the more exasperated contemporary “ghosts”, but in the meantime the more removed.

The exhibition wants to investigate how sexuality incorporates itself in the things and makes them medium of knowledge. For the designers, but also for the users.

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